Sentence Examples with the word senna

Millet, dates, indigo and senna are the principal productions.

Cotton, cotton-seed and grain (durra, wheat, barley) sesame, livestock, hides and skins, beeswax, mother-of-pearl, senna and gold are also exported.

For example, a mercurial pill at night, followed by salts and senna in the morning, will often relieve the pain in toothache or gum-boil, and lessen inflammation not only in the mouth, but other parts of the body as well.

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The dom palm, tamarisk, acacia and wild senna are also found.

The commonest are senna in the form of compound liquorice powder, sulphur in the form of lozenges, cascara sagrada, either in tablets or in the form of liquid or dry extract, rhubarb, colocynth and especially aloes.