Sentence Examples with the word semicircular

On the northern side a lofty semicircular cliff, reaching a height of 3714 ft., half encircles the present active cone, and descends in long slopes towards the plains below.

Slabs or two small walls; the semicircular space thus formed has a diameter of about 45 ft., and was probably intended for sacrifices.

The facades presented continuous colonnades on each floor with semicircular high stilted arches, leaving a very small amount of wall space.

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Immediately on the axle (6Ecov, axis), without springs of any kind, rested the basket or body (S14pos) of the chariot, which consisted of a floor to stand on, and a semicircular guard round the front about half the height of the driver.

Giovanni e Paolo, which has six semicircular pediments of varying size crowning the six bays, in the upper order of which are four noble Romanesque windows.

Towards the land the city is surrounded by a semicircular fosse or canal, and was at one time regularly fortified; but the ramparts have been demolished and are replaced by fine gardens and houses, and only one gateway, the Muiderpoort, is still standing.

The tergal regions of the mesothorax and of the metathorax are hidden under the pronotum and the elytra when the latter are closed, except that the mesothoracic scutellum is of ten visible - a small triangular or semicircular plate between the bases of the elytra (fig.

The church is without aisles, and has a semicircular roof, and the choir is raised twelve steps above the floor of the nave.

At the south-east corner the rim of the crater is, as it were, breached by a deep crevasse through which the Abai escapes, and here develops a great semicircular bend like that of the Takazze, but in the reverse direction - east, south and north-west - down to the plains of Sennar, where it takes the name of Bahr-el-Azrak or Blue Nile.

The Gulf of Gabes, the Syrtis Minor of the ancients, is a semicircular shallow indentation of the Mediterranean, about 50 m.