Sentence Examples with the word sell

But because Country X is so poor, its citizens can't afford this expensive crop, so the farmers sell this commodity on the international market to the highest bidder.

This exclusion of the European land speculator and denial of the right to buy and sell land and of freehold tenure was held by all the authorities to be essential for the moral and material welfare of the inhabitants of a land where the duty of the white man is mainly that of administration and his material advantages lie in trade.

Justin owned the land, and he would never sell it to her now.

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In October 1909 the controversy was settled: a three-cent fare (with one cent extra for transfers) was assured; the Railway Corporation received a 25-year franchise, but had to sell whenever municipal ownership became lawful.

License to sell intoxicating liquors is subject to a graduated tax.

It compelled the companies to sell their trunk wires to the Post Office, leaving the local exchanges in the hands of the companies.

Men go down into the ground and dig out the coal, and steam-cars take it to the large cities, and sell it to people to burn, to make them warm and happy when it is cold out of doors.

After having vainly tried to place the necklace outside of France, the jewellers attempted again in 1781 to sell it to Marie Antoinette after the birth of the dauphin.

Those whose physique and character were satisfactory, and who had taken care of their horses and equipments, were bidden to lead their horse on (traducere equum), those who failed to pass the scrutiny were ordered to sell it, in token of their expulsion from the corps.

The latter sell him to the eunuch Potiphar, but he appears in the service of a married householder (xxxix., the second clause of v.