Sentence Examples with the word self-made

Tyndall was to a large extent a self-made man; he had no early advantages, but with indomitable earnestness devoted himself to study, to which he was stimulated by the writings of Carlyle.

Effie the realist, Claire, her head in self-made dreams of a pretend ancestor, as make-believe as Gladys Turnbull's creatures from Draghow and Zzz.

From two to three weeks after the completion of the cocoon the enclosed insect is ready to escape; it moistens one end of its self-made prison, thereby enabling itself to push aside the fibres and make an opening by which the perfect moth comes forth.

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His career was a chequered one, like that of so many other self-made American men.

Mirza Taki, the amiru n-nizam (vulgarly amir nizam), or consmander-in-chief, was a good specimen of the self-made man of Persia.

She could find no negative remarks about the self-made man.