Sentence Examples with the word self-consistent

Basically, it would be categorizing all places by the way that the 11th edition categorized them, which seems like the best way to do it, and possibly the only tenable, self-consistent way to do it.

Each of these works is self-consistent and seemingly trustworthy, but there is a difference between the two which it is difficult to account for.

The good man is the perfectly rational or perfect self-consistent man; and that is a full account of virtue, though Kant professes to re-interpret it still further in a much more positive sense as implying the service of humanity.

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The general tendency of the deistical writings is sufficiently self-consistent to justify a common name.

Secondly: from the discrepancy between the pure abstract law of self-consistent reason and the pleasuretinged nature of man, we infer or postulate Immortality.