Sentence Examples with the word seize on

Almost his first act was to seize on these lands, and to distribute them among his followers.

Occasionally a kind of frenzy even would seem to seize on them, and lured by.

He refused to ratify his resignation; and when Clavering attempted to seize on the governor-generalship, he judiciously obtained an opinion from the judges of the supreme court in his favour.

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The fifth abdominal segment has a pair of strong dorsal hook-like processes, by means of which the larva supports itself in the burrow which it excavates in the earth, the great head blocking the entrance with the mandibles ready to seize on any unwary insect that may venture within reach.

From 1882 to 1894 the chief event in the newly opened kingdom was a plot by the Tai-wonKun, the father of the emperor, to seize on power, which led to an attack on the Japanese legation, the members of which were compelled to fight their way, and that not bloodlessly, to the sea.