Sentence Examples with the word seine

Aube is an agricultural department; more than one-third of its surface consists of arable land of which the chief products are wheat and oats, and next to them rye, barley and potatoes; vegetables are extensively cultivated in the valleys of the Seine and the Aube.

Ihre Beziehung zu Wilhelm dem Heiligen (Halle, 1896), and Der siidfranzosische Sagenkreis and seine Probleme (Halle, 1898); A.

There are also thriving fisheries, the Looe fishermen being particularly expert with the seine on a rocky bottom.

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Westermayer, Jacobus Balde, sein Leben and seine Werke (1868); J.

Among his works are Johann Reuchlin, sein Leben and seine Werke (Leipzig, 1871); and Johann Reuchlin's Briefwechsel (Tubingen, 1875); Renaissance and Humanismus in Italien and Deutschland (1882, 2nd ed.

Paulus and seine Zeit (1853), and article in Herzog-Hauck, Realencyklopddie; cf.

Paving-stone is supplied in large quantities by Seine-et-Oise, and brick-clay is worked chiefly in Nord, Seine and Pas-de-Calais.

Bruno, seine Weltanschauung and Lebensauffassung (1900); O.

Von Goerres's Emanuel Swedenborg, seine Visionen and sein Venceiltniss zur Kirche (1827); A.

One part of the country, though few in numbers they never ceased attacking Charless kingdom, coming in their ships up the Loire as far as Auvergne, up the Garonne to Toulouse, and up the Seine and the Scheldt to Paris, where they made four descents in forty years, burning towns, pillaging treasure, destroying harvests and slaughtering the peasants or carrying them offinto slavery.