Sentence Examples with the word seemingly

His doctrine at that date appears to have been very vague; he seemingly rejected the invocation of saints and also second marriages, and preached penitence.

These seemingly mundane objects are seen in an intriguing new light.

Insertions (or Omissions) of Seemingly Unimportant Words.

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With the prophets it is quite otherwise; they appear not individually but in bands; their prophesying is a united exercise accompanied by music, and seemingly dance-music; it is marked by strong excitement, which sometimes acts contagiously, and may be so powerful that he who is seized by it is unable to stand, 2 and, though this condition is regarded as produced by a divine afflatus, it is matter of ironical comment when a prominent man like Saul is found to be thus affected.

Perhaps the ants derive from these seemingly useless guests the same satisfaction as we obtain by keeping pet animals.

Moreover, in the early days of the Reformation the Catholic Church charged it with a lawless individualism, a charge which was seemingly made good by an extreme divergence in theological opinion and by riots in various parts of the Protestant world.

Von Bezold (81) in an earlier memoir presented data analogous to Steffens', seemingly accepting them as representing a true increase in thunderstorm destructiveness.

Throughout the epistle we have a singular combination of the seemingly desultory method of a letter, turning aside at a word and straying wherever the mood of the moment leads, with the firm, forward march of earnest and mature thought.

A seemingly innate ability to put herself right in relation to the work she had to do never deserted her.

Dr Smiles, in his Memoirs of John Murray, tells of certain pamphlets on the brightening prospects of the Spanish South American colonies, then in the first enjoyment of emancipation - pamphlets seemingly written for a Mr Powles, head of a great financial firm, whose acquaintance Disraeli had made.