Sentence Examples with the word seeing

Today, however, he was more interested in seeing Sasha and hearing about the human than amusing the zoo creatures.

The king had now many opportunities of seeing Mme Scarron, and, though at first he was prejudiced against her, her even temper contrasted so advantageously with the storms of passion and jealousy exhibited by Mme de Montespan, that she grew steadily in his favour, and had in 1678 the gratification of having her estate at Maintenon raised to a marquisate and herself entitled Mme de Maintenon by the king.

Usually I enjoy seeing the gentle flakes and they cause me little aggravation with their accumulation as I seldom travel more than a block or two when I secure provisions.

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Her thoughts were flying again in anticipation of seeing A'Ran.

His face was so unusually triumphant that Pierre rose in alarm on seeing it.

He was determined that, at whatever cost, hardship and inconvenience, Russia should be ruled by Russians, not by foreigners; and before his death he had the satisfaction of seeing every important place in his empire in the hands of capable natives of his own training.

The prince, seeing the opportunity for a battle, immediately issued orders for an enveloping attack on Miinchengratz by his whole army, but, owing to distances and the number of units now requiring direction, it was late in the following day before all were in readiness for action.

Yully cleared her mind to keep him from seeing that thought and nodded.

The French troops in Ste Marie were only an outpost of the 6th corps, and seeing themselves outnumbered, they withdrew about 2.30, the Prussians rushing the village immediately afterwards.

He jumped to his feet flipping light switches and stumbling through both rooms, barely seeing still-sleeping Cynthia through eyes pinched nearly closed against the intrusive brightness.