Sentence Examples with the word seductive

Lifted by those eternal swells, you needs must own the seductive god, bowing your head to Pan.

This soon caused a frenzy of stock-jobbing, which disturbed the stability of private fortunes and social positions, and depraved customs and manners with the seductive notion of easily obtained riches.

Her courage fled to see him framed in his doorway, as seductive by day as he was by night.

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As a last resource the king sends for Theudas, a magician, who removes the prince's attendants and substitutes seductive girls; but all their blandishments are resisted through prayer.

Dressed in the seductive clothing of Hell, her body's gentle shape appeared voluptuous, her narrow shoulders exposed, her round hips and breasts enhanced.

His seductive manners too often won over those whom his commanding eloquence failed to convince.

Upon her male favourites (Paris, Theseus) she bestows the fatal gift of seductive beauty, which generally leads to disastrous results in the case of the woman (Helen, Ariadne).

Her eyes were shimmering with tears that only heightened her seductive appeal.

Of course, Mr. Cade hardly seemed the seductive type and she certainly wasn't going to encourage it.

The suffering Magyar multitudes eagerly responded to these seductive teachings, and the result was a series of dangerous popular risings (the worst in 1433 and 1436) in which heresy and communism were inextricably intermingled.