Sentence Examples with the word secretion

The musky odour from which it derives its name is due to the secretion of a large gland situated in the inguinal region, and present in both sexes.

This induces a reflex secretion from the salivary and gastric glands, which is followed or accompanied by increased vascularity of the gastric mucous membrane, and by some degree of activity on the part of the muscular wall of the stomach.

This secretion is caused by the puncture of an insect, Coccus manniparus.

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But there are several subfamilies of ants whose females have the lancets of the sting useless for piercing, although the poison-glands are functional, their secretion being ejected by the insect, when occasion may arise, from the greatly enlarged reservoir, the reduced sting acting as a squirt.

Not covered by secretion of skeletal or other investment, retains its ciliation throughout life.

These probably lessen fever by their action upon the nerve centres which regulate the temperature of the body, and partly by their peripheral action in causing the secretion of sweat.

The materials are bound together by a tough white thread which is formed by a secretion of the kidneys of the male.

Resina, probably Latinized from Greek prpivri, resin), a secretion formed in special resin canals or passages of plants, from many of which, such as, for example, coniferous trees, it exudes in soft tears, hardening into solid masses in the air.

Hemp is grown for three products - (r) the fibre of its stem; (2) the resinous secretion which is developed in hot countries upon its leaves and flowering heads; (3) its oily seeds.

Closed in a viscid secretion at the point where the albuminiparous gland opens into the duct intertwined with it; and on reaching the pcint where the spermathecal duct debouches they are impregnated by the spermatozoa which escape now from the spermatheca and meet the ova.