Sentence Examples with the word second-in-command

The highest ranking of his death dealers to defect, Harmony had been Gabriel's lover for months and his second-in-command since he took over the underworld.

It was very unlike his friend and second-in-command to allow his control to slip in such a drastic way.

His second-in-command and executive officer, Sasha, was in Europe, along with everybody he'd been able to spare.

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His second-in-command signaled Cora over while Tymkyn disappeared into a portal.

He summoned Landon and gave his second-in-command an urgent message.

His second-in-command frowned but escorted the women out.

His second-in-command nodded and trotted into a portal.

His second-in-command is General Greene, a war hero worth his pay.

John King Davis as commander of the ship and second-in-command of the expedition, for the purpose of exploring the coast of Antarctica S.

His second-in-command appeared instantly.