Sentence Examples with the word seafaring

His ancestry was mingled English and Holland Dutch, and had flourished upon Long Island more than 150 years - long enough to have taken deep root in the soil and to have developed, in its farmers and seafaring men, many strong family traits.

They were a seafaring people and engaged largely in trade, especially perhaps the slave trade, their chief emporium being Wyk to Duurstede.

With the fall of Antwerp, for Malines and Brussels were already in the hands of Farnese, the whole of the southern Netherlands was brought once more to recognize the authority of Philip. But Holland and Zeeland, whose geographical position made them unassailable except by water, were by the courage and skill of their hardy seafaring population, with the help of English auxiliaries sent by Queen Elizabeth, able to defy his further advance.

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After an apprenticeship in a counting-house, he led a seafaring life for several years, and became a shipowner and merchant.

Their occupations are fishing, oyster-dredging, seafaring and wild-duck catching.

In Messenia they were reputed immigrant founders of Pylos, and were connected with the seafaring Taphians and Teleboans of Homer, and distinguished from the Pelasgians; in Lacedaemon and in Leucas they were believed to be aboriginal.

Though their ancestors had been pirates as fierce as the vikings of the 9th century, and though some of their later kings had led naval armamentsEdwin had annexed for a moment Man and Anglesea, and Ecgfrith had cruelly ravaged part of Irelandyet by the year 800 they appear to have ceased to be a seafaring race.

Farther east, Nantucket, a smaller island of triangular shape, is likewise the home of a seafaring folk who still retain in some degree primitive habits, though summer visitors are more and more affecting its life.

Settled in Gaul, the Scandinavian from a seafaring man became a landsman.

Industrial relations with Egypt are also marked by the occurrence of a series of finds of pottery and other objects of Minoan fabric among the remains of the XVIIIth, XIIth and even earlier dynasties, while the same seafaring enterprise brought Egyptian fabrics to Crete from the times of the first Pharaohs.