Sentence Examples with the word sculptured

In it were found the winged lions, now in the British Museum, the fine series of sculptured bas-reliefs glorifying the deeds of Assur-nasir-pal in war and peace, and the large collection of bronze vessels and implements, numbering over 200 pieces; (b) the Central palace, in the interior of the mound, toward its southern end, erected by Shalmaneser II.

The church of St Germain (15th, 16th and i 7th centuries) has several features of architectural beauty, notably the sculptured northern portal, and the central and western towers.

He discovered and sent to England parts of several sculptured drums (columnae caelatae) of the latest temple, and archaic sculptures from the drums and parapet of the earlier building.

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The western scarp of the acropolis has been sculptured into a number of sepulchres imitating wooden houses with pillared facades, some of which have pediment reliefs and inscriptions in Lycian.

She marveled at his muscular body and the perfectly sculptured chest, shoulders, ridged abdomen, and biceps too large to wrap her hands around.

A row of gargoyles surmounts each storey of the facade, which is also ornamented by sculptured friezes.

There are ampler expanses of hard saliferous clay (shor) and on the north side of the desert of Lop the surface has been carved and sculptured by the wind into innumerable flat, tabletopped masses (jardangs) with vertical or even overhanging sides, separated from one another by deep-cut, wind-swept gullies, running from north-east to south-west.

As early as I120 three fleurs-de-lis were sculptured on the capitals of the Chapelle Saint-Aignan at Paris.

Most insect eggs are of an elongate oval shape; some are globular, others flattened, while others again are flask-shaped, and the outer envelope (chorion) is often beautifully sculptured (figs.

This church also contains a large number of fine sculptured tombs of the 14th and 15th centuries, with noble effigies and reliefs of saints and sacred subjects.