Sentence Examples with the word screen

The dial between 30 and 32 indicates the screen in use.

On the 9th of June the cavalry combat of Brandy Station made it clear to the Federal staff that Lee was about to use the Valley once more to screen an invasion of Maryland.

He used a low ridge to screen his main June defensive position, exposing comparatively few troops in front of the crest.

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His television show was playing on the large, flat screen television in the main living area.

This was done in 1612 by Christoph Scheiner, who fully described his method of solar observation in the Rosa Ursina (1630), demonstrating very clearly and practically the advantages and disadvantages of using the camera, without a lens, with a single convex lens, and with a telescopic combination of convex object-glass and concave enlarging lens, the last arrangement being mounted with an adjustable screen or tablet on an equatorial stand.

If one prong of each fork be furnished with a small plain mirror, and a beam of light from a luminous point be reflected successively by the two mirrors, so as to form an image on a distinct screen, when one fork alone is put in vibration, the image will move on the screen and be seen as a line of a certain length.

The next effort of Talleyrand was to screen France under the principle of legitimacy and to prevent the scheme of partition on which several of the German statesmen were bent.

This envelope should be of solid metal; a cage made of fine metal wire gauze which permits objects in its interior to be seen will yet be a perfect electrical screen for them.

The living room was equipped with a massive flat screen television and worn furniture.

The screen door complained as she opened it and she paused as she reached for the door knob.