Sentence Examples with the word scraping

Among the tools of bone and stag's horn were awls, needles, harpoons, scraping tools and haftings for stone axe-heads.

The scraping of leather against leather, the hollow clatter of stone and shale, the rustle of whatever creature settled behind her.

A sob escaped her, and she fell, oblivious to the bramble scraping her arms and neck.

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The beating of the rotators died, replaced by creaking and scraping of metal.

Another retiring gentleman, with a brimstone belly, doubtless got by scraping along the Tartarian tiles in some of his profounder divings.

I was so delighted... came the sounds of animated feminine voices, interrupting one another and mingling with the rustling of dresses and the scraping of chairs.

These are collected in water, scraped over the edge of a shell to free them from adhering cellular tissue and epidermis, and more than once washed in a running stream, followed by renewed scraping till the desired purity of fibre is attained.

The principal tools of the Malays are the parang or golok, a heavy knife used in the jungle, without which no peasant ever stirs abroad from his house, the beliong or native axe, and the pisau Taut, which is used for scraping rattan.

Under the same name of gaz-angubin there are sold commonly in the Persian bazaars round cakes, of which a chief ingredient is a manna obtained to the south-west of Ispahan, in the month of August, by shaking the branches or scraping the stems of Astragalus florulentus and A.

In the house, she removed her camping cookware from the cabinet and started scraping together some semblance of a meal.