Sentence Examples with the word scranton

It took a pot and a half of coffee and a lot of patience before Dean learned just how complicated the Scranton excursion and return trip had been.

Brunel had a connection with Scranton and he skipped out of Norfolk without even filing his expense account.

Maybe Scranton would provide the brick wall he was looking for and end this silly speculation.

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He buys the bike in Scranton or someplace up north and stashes it in the trunk of his company car, dropping the tire patch kit.

Dean reluctantly explained Fred O'Connor's idea about the newspaper subscription and the fact that a paper had been sent to Scranton to a somewhat mysterious occupant.

He silently chastised himself for even caring that some guy named Cleary had spent a few weeks in Scranton and now was traveling off in the sunset in a blue-white-or-lavender motor home.

Dean told Hunter about his off-hand comment and how Baratto had jumped all over the Scranton connection.

Dean explained he was still interested in the J. Cleary who had ordered the Sentinel from a Scranton address.

My notes about Cleary and our investigation in Scranton were down here when those bozos broke in.

A permanent settlement was established within the present limits of Scranton in 1788, and a primitive grist-mill, a saw-mill and a charcoal iron-furnace were erected during the next few years; but there was little further development until 1840, when the Lackawanna Iron Company was formed for the manufacture of iron here.