Sentence Examples with the word scramble

Is unknown, and the other princes perished in a frantic scramble for the throne in which they were the puppets of military adventurers.

Following the tradition of all preceding congresses, it was mainly a scramble for territory and power.

He was amazed at the wild scramble prompted by his tossed offerings, especially the beads.

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Pretending she didn't see him, she tried to scramble quickly into the wagon so that he wouldn't have an excuse to touch her.

She flattened against the rock wall as she heard the horse scramble down into the ravine a little way down from her.

Her first instinct was to scramble to the back of the bus and climb out.

The material interests of the island were neglected in the scramble for place and power; the finances fell into disorder, and the party which came off worst in the struggle systematically intrigued against the governor-general of the day and conspired with his enemies at Constantinople.

Slipping to the bottom the prey is immediately seized by the lurking ant-lion; or if it attempt to scramble again up the treacherous walls of the pit, is speedily checked in its efforts and brought down by showers of loose sand which are jerked at it from below by the larva.

The shade was grateful, and the tree was so easy to climb that with my teacher's assistance I was able to scramble to a seat in the branches.

The clattering of dishes, the hectic scramble at lunch, and the incessant gossiping of her coworkers left her at the edge of her patience at the end of the day.