Sentence Examples with the word scouting

As Ignatius said, the ancient monastic communities were the infantry of the Church, whose duty was to stand firmly in one place on the battlefield; the Jesuits were to be her light horse, capable of going anywhere at a moment's notice, but especially apt and designed for scouting and skirmishing.

During the latter part of the War of Independence Peekskill was an important outpost of the Continental Army, and in the neighbourhood several small engagements were fought between American and British scouting parties.

Alex had made arrangements in Houston to purchase a pair of Texas Longhorns, and he was scouting out some more fence line.

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He devoted his attention to scouting out clues.

While scouting the projects of the extreme Radicals for interfering in distant countries, he occasionally made a display of Athens' power abroad, as in his expedition to the Black Sea,' and in the colonization of Thruii, 2 which marks the resumption of a Western policy.