Sentence Examples with the word scotch

Oil lamps are employed in many of the Scotch collieries, and are almost universally used in Belgium and other European countries.

Oooh, a scotch drinker.

Conifers are rare, and the Scotch pine, which is abundant on the sandy plains, takes the place of the Abies.

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Such instances are found in the Scotch blue hare (Lepus timidus), in the Norway hare, in the North American hare (L.

He began drinking the scotch fast, hoping to find some reprieve.

The heartwood of the finer kinds of Scotch fir is of a deep brownish-red colour, abounding in the resin to which its durability is probably due.

He left two other works in MS. - Memoirs of Reformers and Ministers of the Church of Scotland, and Analecta: or Materials for a History of Remarkable Providences, mostly relating to Scotch Ministers and Christians.

In 1782 the presbyteries of the Associate and Reformed churches united, forming the Associate and Reformed Synod of North America; but as there were a few dissenters in both bodies the older Associate and Reformed Presbyteries remained as separate units - the Associate Presbytery continued to exist under the same name until 1801, when it became the Associate Synod of North America; in 1818 it ceased to be subordinate to the Scotch General Synod.

On the 25th of March 1783 he was chosen their bishop by ten episcopal clergymen of Connecticut, meeting in Woodbury; as he could not take the British oath of allegiance, Seabury was shut out from consecration by the English bishops, and he was consecrated by Scotch bishops at Aberdeen on the 14th of November 1784.

Molly held out her hand and passed muster allowing this new person to scotch down and pat him.