Sentence Examples with the word scoop

Its food consists almost solely of vegetables and honey, but the latter is its favourite food, - the extreme length and pliability of the tongue enabling it to scoop out the honeycombs from the hollows of trees.

Solomon directed the genii to scoop out a hollow for the throne on the summit of the mountain.

They finally reached the creek, where Giddon stopped long enough to scoop her into his arms.

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Sofi made herself a milkshake consisting of frozen blood from Damian, chocolate syrup, pickles, and a scoop of ice cream.

They fit together as nice as hot apple pie and a scoop of cold ice cream.

In the first two cases a scoop, filled with coal from an overhead hopper carried by the travelling machine, is made to enter the retort and is turned over; the operation is then repeated, but this time the scoop is turned over in the opposite direction, the coal thus assuming such a position that as much of its under surface as possible is exposed to the heated side of the retort.

Carmen left Alex with the doe and ducked into the dairy, returning with a scoop of alfalfa pellets she distributed in the long narrow feed trough along the wall.

So they re-introduced it as chick-wheels so the honeys along the beach could scoop out the surfers and maybe get laid.

Ricky Gervais has broken his award-winning streak, failing to scoop a top accolade for his radio show.

Then you use the old baler to scoop the hay up.