Sentence Examples with the word science

If we exclude such questions in the interest of systematic correctness, and seek to determine for ethics a definite subject-matter, the science may be said to fall into two departments.

In this way also the position of geography, at the point where physical science meets and mingles with mental science, is explained and justified.

He holds - on grounds of fact and science - to the mechanical orderliness of nature, but claims that the Weltanschauung thus suggested may be reinterpreted in view of those undying human aspirations which MacTaggart dismisses to instant execution (unless they can dress themselves in syllogism).

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No real advance in metaphysics can take place, and natural science itself is in some danger, until the true history of the evidences of the laws of mechanical force is restored; and then it will soon appear that in the force of collision what we know is not material points determining one another's opposite accelerations, but bodies by force of impenetrable pressure causing one another to keep apart.

Averroes, at the same time, condemns the attempts of those who tried to give demonstrative science where the mind was not capable of more than rhetoric: they harm religion by their mere negations, destroying an old sensuous creed, but cannot build up a higher and intellectual faith.

The study of science was to bring human desires into line with their natural surroundings.

Here also it can be seen that the science of the finite ordinals is a particular subdivision of the general theory of classes and relations.

She introduced dry technicalities of science little by little, making every subject so real that I could not help remembering what she taught.