Sentence Examples with the word school system

Strangely enough, this liberty meant increase of power for the Clericals; for besides putting an end to stringent state interference in the education of future priests, it made possible a free and far-reaching Catholic school system whose crown was the episcopally controlled university of Louvain (1834).

The basis of the present common school system was laid in 1865, after which a marked development was accompanied by some important changes in the system and its administration, and the percentage of total illiteracy (i.e.

His uncles, John Breckinridge (1797-1841), professor of pastoral theology in the Princeton Theological Seminary in1836-1838and for many years after secretary of the Presbyterian Board of Foreign Missions, and Robert Jefferson Breckinridge (1800-1871), for several years superintendent of public instruction in Kentucky, an important factor in the organization of the public school system of the state, a professor from 18J3 to 1871 in the Danville Presbyterian Theological Seminary at Danville, Kentucky, and the temporary chairman of the national Republican convention of 1864, were both prominent clergymen of the Presbyterian Church.

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The university, organized in 1847, and occupying the old State Capitol grounds, is an integral part of the public school system of the state, and is under the control of a board of regents, consisting of the governor, the superintendent of public instruction and eleven members, elected - one from each congressional district - by the General Assembly.

The Springfield public school system is excellent, and in addition to the regular high school there are a technical high school, a vocational school, and a kindergarten training school.

It was not until 1860 that the modern hospital school system was definitely inaugurated by the opening of the Nightingale Fund School at St Thomas's Hospital, founded with the money subscribed by the British public in recognition of Miss Nightingale's national services, and worked on principles laid down by her.

The school system comprises preparatory schools, rural schools, graded schools, three high schools and the university of Porto Rico.

At the head of the public school system is a Board of Education of seven members, including the governor and the superintendent of public instruction; this Board apportions the school fund among the counties, selects the text-books and prepares the examinations for teachers.

In 1890 changes in the school system unfavourable to the Roman Catholic Church led to a constitutional struggle, to which was due the defeat of the Federal ministry in 1896.

Salt Lake City has a good public school system In the city is the University of Utah, chartered in 1850 as the University of the state of Deseret and opened in November 1850; it was practically discontinued from 1851 until 1867, and then was scarcely more than a business college until 1869; its charter was amended in 5884 and a new charter was issued in 1894, when the present style of the corporation was assumed; in 1894 60 acres from the Fort Douglas reservation were secured for the campus.