Sentence Examples with the word scholastic

The attacks of rationalism, aided by Greek philosophy, were repelled and vanquished by the weapons of scholastic dialectic borrowed from the enemy; on most points of dispute discussion was forbidden altogether, and faith in what is written in Koran and tradition was enjoined without question as to how these things were true (bila kaifa).

The moral character of Europe in 1300 was no longer the moral character of Europe in 110o; and the Crusades, which had been the active and objective embodiment of the other worldly Europe of I i oo, were alien to the secular, legal, scholastic Europe of 1300.

Subject taken up. They are demonstrated by scholastic dialectic, and at the end of his second year the student, receiving his certificate, deems himself a pillar of the faith.

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Bilberg (1646-1717), who, in various theses and discussions, defended the new ideas against the scholastic Aristotelianism of the orthodox churchmen.

He is free from the scholastic trifling and learned frivolity which tainted the rhetorical culture of his century.

Baumgarten of Halle (1706-1757) in disengaging the current dogmatic theology from its many scholastic and mystical excrescences, and thus paved a way for a revolution in theology.

The scholastic mysticism was, for the most part, practical and psychological in character.

In the midst of his scholastic and controversial activities Lanfranc became a political force.

From this vantage-ground Ritschl criticizes the use of Aristotelianism and speculative philosophy in scholastic and Protestant theology.

Out of this mist of contradictions scholastic thought strove to emerge by means of clear-cut definitions.