Sentence Examples with the word scheduled

Since they were scheduled to be too late for supper that day, it was a good excuse to eat out together.

The weekend before her guests were scheduled to arrive, they finally found the time to scout out a trail.

Dean knew Fred O'Connor was scheduled for release and that necessitated a dreaded trip to the sheriff's office.

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The plane was scheduled to leave in 45 minutes but one look at the departure board was indicative of things to come.

The house will need scheduled maintenance but will remember when and will ask you for permission.

She would remain in town for the weekend and Howie scheduled a cook out in her honor at his place.

Even though her ten year class reunion was scheduled for Saturday afternoon, Alex chose that morning to start her training.

School was out and Jonathan was scheduled to start camp next week.

She missed the goat milk and making cheese as much as she did the scheduled milking.

Driving was out of the question as the mid-morning parade, scheduled to begin in a few minutes, was forming on Main Street, which was now closed to traffic.