Sentence Examples with the word scare

The birds and the contents of the nests are taken in nets mounted on poles; shooting is not practised, lest it should permanently scare the birds away.

I don't believe in white-sheeted spirits that scare little boys or drag chains around or only come out in cemeteries on Halloween.

Don Carlos once more showed his wellknown lack of decision and dash, and the Carlist scare passed away.

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She was hesitant, and he kissed her gently, not wanting to scare her despite his raging blood.

I didn't mean to scare you.

Don't pay any attention to him, Fritz, he's just tryin' to scare us.

Only he wouldn't tell me what we were looking for, like it was going to be a joke and it would scare me.

If you behave, and don't scare the little pigs, I'm sure they'll grow very fond of you.

His figure is that of a grotesque mountebank, intended to inspire joy or drive away pain and sorrow, his hideousness being perhaps supposed actually to scare away the evil spirits.

Princess A curious scare was occasioned at Buckingham Palace, royal.