Sentence Examples with the word scandalous

It is frequently asserted that discipline was lax at this period and that ministers of scandalous lives were allowed to continue in their charges.

There is no reason to credit the scandalous reports of an illicit attachment.

As early as the congress of Aix-la-Chapelle (1818), however, the question of the relations of Spain and her colonies had been brought up and the suggestion made of concerted intervention, to put an end to a state of things scandalous in itself and dangerous, if only by force of example, to the monarchical principle.

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In 1769 he wrote his Memoire sur les prrts a interet, on the occasion of a scandalous financial crisis at Angouleme, the peculiar interest of which is that in it the question of lending money at interest was for the first time treated scientifically, and not merely from the ecclesiastical point of view.

The emperor finally interposed to terminate that scandalous strife, banished Nestorius and dissolved the council.

The character which Procopius gives to the jurist, even if touched by personal spite, is entitled to some credence, because it is contained in the Histories and not in the scandalous and secret Anecdota.

His private life was lax; he had at least two sons, for whom he purchased benefices before they had entered on their teens; and scandalous tales are told of the entertainments with which he enlivened his seclusion.

His youth was passed in scandalous dissipation, which drew upon himself and his coterie the detestation of the people of Paris.

While he pointed out to the dissenters the scandalous inconsistency of their playing fast and loose with sacred things, yet he denounced the impropriety of requiring tests at all.

After a scandalous four months duel between this simple innocent girl and a tribunal of crafty malevolent ecclesiastics and doctors of the university of Paris, Joan was burned alive in the old market-place of Rouen, on the 3oth of May 1431 (see JoAN OF ARc).