Sentence Examples with the word says

And Boris says it is quite possible.

That if the foreigners had not come, the native clement would long have filled the places the foreigners usurped, I entertain says General Walker not a doubt.

The general French verdict on his work is in the main well summed by Morillot, when he says that, judged by the usual tests of the Romantic movement of the 'twenties (love for strange literatures of the North, medievalism, novelties and experiments), Chenier would inevitably have been excluded from the cenacle of 1827.

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As he says at the end of the Sophistical Elenchi on the syllogism, he had no predecessor, but took pains and laboured a long time in investigating it.

When a woman says something like that, she's waiting for you to fill in the details.

I think the best advice I can give, is try to understand that everything she does and says initially comes from fear and shock.

The prosperity of Ahmedabad, says a native proverb, hangs on three threads - silk, gold and cotton; and though its manufactures are on a smaller scale than formerly, they are still moderately flourishing.

The food market is getting ever more hectic, says Galloway.

C. 1090), who says that his account of the solemn translation to Canterbury in 1023 was received from the dean, Godric, one of Alphege's own scholars.

He laughs at me for being unwilling to hurt anyone else, but he says no one should feel shame about who they are.