Sentence Examples with the word sauternes

Some resembling French Sauternes and Chablis and others the wines of the Rhine.

The musts from which the Sauternes wines are made are so concentrated that only a part of the sugar is transformed into alcohol, an appreciable portion remaining unfermented.

The district of Sauternes produces the finest white wines of the Gironde, one might say of the whole of France.

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The finer growths of the Sauternes are classified in much the same way as the red wines of the Medoc. There are two main growths, the wines being as follows: - Classification Of Sauternes Grand First Growth.

The Sauternes generally are full-bodied wines, very luscious and yet delicate; they possess a special seve, or, in other words, that special taste which, while it remains in the mouth, leaves the palate perfectly fresh.