Sentence Examples with the word satisfying

The stage came to a halt in front of the station, and people drifted by, satisfying their curiosity about its occupants.

Korean ancient history is far from satisfying the rigid demands of modern criticism, but it appears that Ki-tze's dynasty ruled the peninsula until the 4th century B.C., from which period until the 10th century A.D.

The problem of finding a radius vector satisfying this condition is one which can be solved only by successive approximations, or tentatively.

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The operations of addition and multiplication of two given cardinal numbers can be defined by taking two classes a and 13, satisfying the conditions (1) that their cardinal numbers are respectively the given numbers, and (2) that they contain no member in common, and then by defining by reference to a and (3 two other suitable classes whose cardinal numbers are defined to be respectively the required sum and product of the cardinal numbers in question.

On the 15th of March the government proposed to summon a central committee of local diets; but this was far from satisfying public opinion, and on the 25th of April a constitution was proclaimed, including the whole monarchy with the exception of Hungary and Lombardo-Venetia.

It may be remarked that although, as a process of investigation, it is very convenient to seek for the characteristics of a system of conics satisfying 4 conditions, yet what is really determined is in every case the number of the conics which satisfy 5 conditions; the characteristics of the system (4 p) of the conics which pass through 4p points are (5 p), (4 p, il), the number of the conics which pass through 5 points, and which pass through 4 points and touch 1 line: and so in other cases.

He pondered on what information to give, wishing to disclose as little as possible, while satisfying her need for details.

I am convinced that the time spent by the teacher in digging out of the child what she has put into him, for the sake of satisfying herself that it has taken root, is so much time thrown away.

This constitution was far from satisfying the advanced Liberals, and the supporters of Christinaknown as Crislinos broke into two sections, the Moderados, or Moderates, and Pro gressisias or Exalt ados, the Progressists or Hot-heads.

The elimination from the two equations of y (or x) gives for x (or y) an equation of a certain order, say the resultant equation; and then to each value of x (or y) satisfying this equation there corresponds in general a single value of y (or x), and consequently a single point of intersection; the number of intersections is thus equal to the order of the resultant equation in x (or y).