Sentence Examples with the word sarah

One evening, close to suppertime, Lisa, Tammy and Sarah were lounging around the pool.

Frederick appeared to be taken aback both by the story, and the speed at which Sarah relayed it.

He practically flew down the stairs, but didn't make it out the door before Sarah asked where he was going.

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He couldn't go home and let Sarah and Connor see how tentative his composure was.

On the other hand, if Sarah was telling the truth, there was another side to Giddon - a loyal brother.

Sure, you and Sarah can cook me a nice dinner and we'll break out a bottle of Cristal.

When Sarah returned with the groceries, she found Jackson in the holding room making the bed.

As Sarah predicted, he possessed incredible self-control.

Besides, she was present when Sarah learned about her birthday and until he left the house.

She sang directly to Sarah and the tears started to flow quickly.