Sentence Examples with the word saone

Traversing this, it receives the waters of the Loue, its chief affluent, and broadening out to a width of 260 ft., at length reaches the Saone at Verdun.

Is now France, as far as the Meuse, the Saone and the Rhone, with the addition of the Spanish March as far as the Ebro.

In June 842 the three brothers met on an island in the Saone to negotiate a peace, and each appointed forty representatives to arrange the boundaries of their respective kingdoms. This developed into the treaty of Verdun concluded in August 843, by which Louis received the bulk of the lands of the Carolingian empire lying east of the Rhine, together with a district around Spires, Worms and Mainz, on the left bank of the river.

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As the division between the basins of the Loire and the Garonne to the west and those of the Saone and Rhone to the east, the Cevennes send many affluents to those rivers.

The Rhone and the Saone are navigable for considerable distances in the department; the chief railway is that of the Paris-LyonMediterranee Company, whose line from Macon to Culoz traverses the department.

The Vivarais mountains and the northern Cevennes approach the right banks of the Rhone and Saone closely, and on that side send their waters by way of short torrents to those rivers; on the west side the streams a y e tributaries of the Loire, which rises at the foot of Mont Mezenc. A short distance to the south on the same side are the sources of the Allier and Lot.

The B resse extends from the Dombes on the south to the river Doubs on the north, and from the SaOne eastwards to the Jura, measuring some 60 m.