Sentence Examples with the word santa fe

The province is traversed by the Tucuman extension of the Buenos Aires and Rosario railway, by a French line from Santa Fe to Tucuman, and by a branch of the Central Northern (Cordoba section) railway.

On the 21st of August, while the Indians were demoralized by a sortie from the garrison, the town was evacuated, and the inhabitants made a 1 The exact date of the founding of Santa Fe is not known, but the best opinion has fixed the date between 1604 and 1608, and favours the year 1605.

Lexington succeeded Sibley as the eastern terminus of the Santa Fe trade, and was in turn displaced by Independence; it long owed its prosperity to the freighting trade up the Missouri, and at the opening of the Civil War it was the most important river town between St Louis and St Joseph and commanded the approach by water to Fort Leavenworth.

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The chief centres of production are the Raton field, in Colfax county; the Durango-Gallup field, in McKinley and Rio Arriba counties; the Whiteoaks field, in Lincoln county; and the Los Cerillos and Tejon areas, in Santa Fe county.

Before 1850 it was practically the exclusive eastern terminus on the river for the Santa Fe trade, 2 and a great outfitting point for Californian emigrants.

The armies of the opposing met at Pavon in the province of Santa Fe (September 17).

The trade with Santa Fe began about 1804, although regular caravans were begun only about 1825.

The chief manufactures of Santa Fe are brick, pottery (made by Pueblo Indians), and filigree jewelry (made by Mexican artisans).

In 1573 Juan de Garay, at the head of an expedition despatched from Asuncion, founded the city of Santa Fe near the abandoned settlements of San Espiritu and Corpus Christi.

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