Sentence Examples with the word sandal

The Trans-Alai are continued in the Peter the Great range, which culminates in the Sandal group at close upon 25,000 ft.

She carefully worked the sandal loose and slipped into the back seat.

Mr Robertson catalogues a number of valuable timbers that are obtained there, among them being Tremana, cedar, rose-wood, iron-wood (red and white), box-wood, sandal and white oak.

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Megan stepped forward and the heel of her sandal sank into a seam in the walkway.

Carmen had selected the black sandal heels for that purpose as well.

The soldier's boot (caliga, from which the emperor Gaius derived his nickname, Caligula) was in reality a heavy hobnailed sandal with a number of straps wound round the ankle and lower leg.

The white sandal heels gave the ensemble a dressy look.

The most interesting of them are the Assa range, with its sandal trees and Buddhist remains; Udayagiri (Sunrise-hill), with its colossal image of Buddha, sacred reservoir, and ruins; and Assagiri, with its mosque of 1719.

She tentatively lifted a foot into the front seat, and knew a moment of panic when her sandal heel caught in the hem of her dress.