Sentence Examples with the word sanctified

But the younger nations - French, English and German - were scantily endowed with saints; while, on the other hand, the belief obtained that the home-countries of Christianity, especially Rome and Jerusalem, possessed an inexhaustible supply of these sanctified bodies.

For it was set apart and sanctified to one awe-striking end; and however wanton in their sailor ways, one and all, the mariners revered it as the white whale's talisman.

In this he betrays his affinity with Ezekiel, who taught that it is by the possession of the sanctuary that Israel is sanctified (Ezek.

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His cloister, sanctified by memories of St Antonine and adorned with the inspired paintings of Fra Angelico, seemed to him a fore-court of heaven.

Rome also probably imported it from the same quarter, but weakened its significance by making it a cloth sanctified by being laid on the Confessio of St Peter, the bestowal of which at ordination was intended to express the fact that elevation to clerical office in the Roman Church was a grace bestowed de benedictione S.

It was his cool treatment of such sanctified names as Charles, Cranmer and Laud that provoked the indignation of Southey and the Quarterly, who forgot that the same impartial measure was extended to statesmen on the other side.

The family meal is sanctified by the offering of a portion of the food to the household numina: the chief events in the individual life, birth, infancy, puberty, marriage, are all marked by religious ceremonial, in some cases of a distinctively primitive character.

Of Soissons), of St Crepinle-Petit, and St Crepin-le-Grand (the site of which is occupied by a house belonging to the Sisters of Mercy), in or near Soissons, commemorated the places sanctified by their imprisonment and burial.

That wondrous oriental story is now to be rehearsed from the Shaster, which gives us the dread Vishnoo, one of the three persons in the godhead of the Hindoos; gives us this divine Vishnoo himself for our Lord;--Vishnoo, who, by the first of his ten earthly incarnations, has for ever set apart and sanctified the whale.

We learn that the destroying angel was stayed at the threshing-floor of Araunah the Jebusite,' and the spot thus sanctified was made a sanctuary, and commemorated by an altar.