Sentence Examples with the word salvage

It might well be implied that payments compulsorily required from the assured by law for contributions to G.A., or as salvage for services by salvors, will be undertaken or repaid by the underwriter, the service being for his benefit.

He wanted to be different than the other deities who didn't respect any boundaries, even if he was breaking Immortal Laws right and left to try to salvage his underworld.

The view seems to have been that the insurer is liable for salvage and G.A.

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Fan out and see what else we can salvage from here or if there are any survivors we can talk to about these funky uniforms.

And it suggests that the insurer is not liable for salvage where the policy is free of particular average, which does not accord with practice.

Phillimore, whose tenure of office covered the whole period of the queen's reign till the creation of the High Court of Justice, the valuable assistance rendered by the nautical assessors from the Trinity House, the great increase of shipping, especially of steam shipping, and the number and gravity of cases of collision, salvage and damage to cargo, restored the activity of the court and made it one of the most important tribunals of the country.

The patronage attached to the office consists of the right to appoint the judge of the Cinque Ports admiralty court, the registrar of the Cinque Ports and the marshal of the court; the right of appointing salvage commissioners at each Cinque Port and the appointment of a deputy to act as chairman of the Dover harbour board in the absence of the lord warden.

The Dutch government claimed the wreck and granted one-third of the salvage to bullion-fishers.

Four months after becoming Death, Gabriel was trying to salvage what he could of the underworld as it crashed and burned.

Romas had discarded most of Kiera's things after her disappearance, but Evelyn managed to salvage two boxes and keep them hidden.