Sentence Examples with the word salty

The Amargosa river, entering the valley from Nevada, disappears in the salty basin.

The man took a deep breath of the hot and salty night air and firmly closed the door marked Room 22.

The Rockanje Lake near Brielle is remarkable for the strong salty solution which covers even the growing reeds with a 1 The datum plane, or basis of the measurement of heights, is throughout Holland, and also in some of the border districts of Germany, the Amsterdamsch Peil (A.P.), or Amsterdam water-level, and represents the average high water-level of the Y at Amsterdam at the time when it was still open to the Zuider Zee.

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He complied and kissed her deeply, enjoying the taste and feel of her despite the mix of salty tears.

He shivered at the taste of night-blooming flowers and the salty ocean on the cool breeze.