Sentence Examples with the word salivary

The salivary duct opens on its hinder surface.

The gullet leads into a moderate-sized crop, and several pairs of salivary glands open into the mouth.

The alimentary canal commences with the usual buccal mass; the lips are cartilaginous, but not armed with horny jaws, though these are common in other Opisthobranchs; the lingual ribbon is multidenticulate, and a pair of salivary glands pour in their secretion.

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Sal, Prosomatic pair of gastric caeca in Scorpio, called salivary glands by some writers.

Two pairs of salivary glands open into the buccal cavity.

S, Salivary glands and reservoir.

The tip of the proboscis is armed with a complicated series of chitinous teeth and rasps, by means of which the fly is enabled to pierce the skin of its victim; as usual in Diptera the organ is closed on the upper side by the labrum, or upper lip, and contains the hypopharynx or common outlet of the paired salivary glands, which are situated in the abdomen.

On either side of the gullet are from one to ten pairs of salivary glands (fig.

Two pairs of salivary ducts, each leading from a salivary gland, open into the buccal chamber.

Neomenia and other genera have no salivary glands.