Sentence Examples with the word salesman

Henry is a good salesman and you know it.

A little man in Russian civilian clothes rode out from the ranks, and by his clothes and manner of speaking Pierre at once knew him to be a French salesman from one of the Moscow shops.

JOHANN TETZEL (c. 1460-1519), preacher and salesman of papal indulgences, the son of Hans Tetzel, a goldsmith of Leipzig, was born there about 1460.

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She might derive some pleasure out of seeing him squirm under the thumb of one of his victims, but he was a good salesman and he deserved credit for that much.

The salesman conceded when he was done with his pitch.

Deep down inside, a voice suggested that he was getting bored with her and wanted to be a salesman again.

He had given up being a salesman to fulfill a lifelong dream of being a veterinarian.

Maybe that was what made him such a good salesman in the past.

I never thought of him as being anything else but a salesman until I saw him tonight, but he seems so... comfortable now.

Maybe it was his years as a salesman, or maybe his personality was attracted to the salesman job.