Sentence Examples with the word salaried

Nor were their feelings more than half allayed by the arrangement which made their ecclesiastics salaried officers of the Russian state.

The Magistrat consists of the chief burgomaster (Erster Bdrgermeister or Stadtschultheiss, and in the large cities Oberbiirgermeister), a second burgomaster or assessor, and in large towns of a number of paid and unpaid town councillors (Ratsherren, Senatoren, Schoffen, Ratsmdnner, Magistratsrate), together with certain salaried members selected for specific purposes (eg.

In Venetia the lives of the small proprietors and of the salaried peasants are often extremely miserable.

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The only qualifications for senators and delegates are those required of an elector and residence in their districts; there are, however, a few disqualifications, such as holding certain offices in the state or a salaried Federal office.

He is ex officio an ecclesiastical commissioner for England, and has by statute the right of nominating one of the salaried ecclesiastical commissioners.

The centre of trade is the Manchester Royal Exchange, and though some companies or firms prefer to do business by means of their own salaried salesmen, managers or directors, most of the yarn is sold by agents.

After tracing the origin of commerce, Turgot develops Quesnay's theory that the land is the only source of wealth, and divides society into three classes, the productive or agricultural, the salaried (stipendiee) or artisan class, and the land-owning class (classe disponible).

No person holding a lucrative office under the state or the United States, no salaried officer of a railroad company, and no officer of any court of record is eligible for membership in either house.

In 1832 the restriction as to engaging in trade was withdrawn, except as regards salaried members of the British consular service.

The members of the board serve gratuitously, but elect a salaried secretary.