Sentence Examples with the word salad

Weller sat back and took another chaw from his tuna salad sandwich, brushing a few crumbs from his chin.

He casually spooned a bite of potato salad into his mouth and methodically chewed and swallowed it.

In Germany it is very considerably used as a salad oil under the name of Schmalzol, being for that purpose freed from its biting taste by being mixed with starch,.

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We discussed my non-happening over chicken salad and cheese soup.

Using instant potatoes she managed to make a passable potato salad and opened a can of baked beans.

He was holding court with Fred O'Connor in the parlor, a plate of potato chips and a tuna salad sandwich on his ample lap.

By the time he'd nibbled at a salad for lunch and changed into a suit, he was a nervous wreck.

Most women on a first date would order a piece of fish or even a salad and end up pushing it around their plate.

They each ordered a salad and steak and attacked them with surprising gusto.

In colchicum poisoning, empty the stomach, give white of egg, olive or salad oil, and water.