Sentence Examples with the word sal ammoniac

The first attempt to manufacture sal ammoniac in Europe was made, about the beginning of the 18th century, by Mr Goodwin, a chemist of London, who appears to have used the mother ley of common salt and putrid urine as ingredients.

Thus in the Speculum Naturale of Vincent of Beauvais (c. 1250) it is said that there are four spirits - mercury, sulphur, arsenic and sal ammoniac - and six bodies - gold, silver, copper, tin, lead and iron.

Egypt is the country where sal ammoniac was first manufactured, and from which Europe for many years was supplied with it.

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The native sal ammoniac of Bucharia, described by Model and Karsten, and analysed by M.

Finally, we have no proof whatever that sal ammoniac occurs at present, either near the temple of Jupiter Ammon, or in any part of Cyrenaica.

The soot from this fuel is carefully collected and sold to the sal ammoniac makers, who work only during the months of March and April, for it is only at that season of the year that the dung is fit for their purpose.

The same remark applies to the sal ammoniac of volcanoes.

Hasselquist, who had travelled in that country as a 1 Some derive the name sal ammoniac from Jupiter Ammon, near whose temple it is alleged to have been found; others, from a district of Cyrenaica called Ammonia.

Lemaire, the French consul at Cairo, sent the Academy an account of the mode of manufacturing sal ammoniac in Egypt.

The first successful manufacture of sal ammoniac in Great Britain was established in Edinburgh about the year 1760.