Sentence Examples with the word sainfoin

The hay made from clover, sainfoin and grasses under rotation generally gives a bigger average yield than that from permanent grass land.

Certain bacteria of the nitrogenfixing class enter into association with the roots of green plants, the best-known examples being those which are met with in the nodules upon the roots of clover, peas, beans, sainfoin and other plants belonging to the leguminous order.

Clover, lucerne and sainfoin make up the bulk of artificial pasturage, while vetches, crimson clover and cabbage are the other chief forage crops.

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Of hay per acre less than that from clover, sainfoin and grasses under rotation.

Finally, the ascetics came to share in the honours paid to the martyrs, and we see in the Historia religiose of Theodoret how quickly this Sainfoin (Onobrychis sativa), a nat.

The land that has been lost to the plough is found to be still further augmented when an inquiry is instituted into the area devoted to clover, sainfoin and grasses under rotation.

Under hay are included the produce of clover, sainfoin and rotation grasses, and also that of permanent meadow.

In 1905 the yield of hay from clover, sainfoin and rotation grasses amounted to 666,985, tons, or 31.19 cwts.