Sentence Examples with the word sagging

He turned to address Dan, when the sagging building behind them exploded into flames and light.

It is comparatively rarely that bedded rocks are observed in the position in which they were first deposited, a certain amount of buckling up or sagging down of the crust being continually in progress in one region or another.

Breathless, she managed to open the door on the second try and made it into the hallway before sagging against the wall.

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Carmen clamped her sagging jaw shut and tore her gaze from him, an uncomfortable warmth flooding her neck and face.

She went into her doorless room and into the bathroom, sagging against the closed door.

Lisa snapped her sagging jaw shut.

The woman led her straight into a small cafeteria with rustic tables and benches, an open fireplace, and a sagging buffet table along one wall.

She paused on the sagging porch until he beckoned her in.

There were thugs in the streets, bars on the windows of sagging houses, and cars on blocks.

The sagging bed, moldy smell, and cracked window did nothing to settle her nerves.