Sentence Examples with the word sagacity

They decided each problem on its merits, looking more to the spirit than to the letter, and often showing a practical sagacity worthy of Johnson himself.

His sagacity discerned that the rationalism by which Bolingbroke and the deistic school believed themselves to have overthrown revealed religion, was equally calculated to undermine the structure of political government.

The death of Salisbury, occuring soon after, opened a position in which Bacon thought his great political skill and sagacity might be made more immediately available for the king's service.

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At this time, had the affairs of the Boer community been managed with prudence and sagacity they might have established an enduring state.

But Laplace unquestionably surpassed his rival in practical sagacity and the intuition of physical truth.

At this time of constitutional crisis such were the eloquence, sagacity and business talents exhibited by the youthful pensionary of Dort that onthe 23rd of July 1653 he was appointed to the office of grand pensionary (Raadpensionaris) of Holland at the age of twenty-eight.

I had not a little relied upon Queequeg's sagacity to point out the whaler best fitted to carry us and our fortunes securely.

Gerard Cauvin was esteemed as a man of considerable sagacity and prudence, and his wife was a godly and attractive lady.

Their fidelity and sagacity are below par now.

It is equally admirable in the depth of its wisdom, the comprehensiveness of its views, the sagacity of its reflections, and the fearlessness, patriotism, liantly and effectively exhibited than they were by Hamilton in the New York convention of 1788, whose vote he won, against the greatest odds, for the ratification of the Constitution.