Sentence Examples with the word safeguard

In La Reforme intellectuelle et morale (1871) he endeavoured at least to bind her wounds, to safeguard her future.

Right is, therefore, at once the dynamic and the safeguard of progress.

The Spartans failed to safeguard Heraclea against the Oetaeans and Thessalians, and for a short time were displaced by the Thebans (420).

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Experience has also proved that, when alarmed, bees instinctively begin to fill their honey-sacs with food from the nearest store-cells as a safeguard against contingencies, and when so provided they are more amenable to interference.

A new period was opened in Egyptian exploration in 1858 when Mariette was appointed director of archaeological works In Egypt, his duties being to safeguard the monuments and prevent their exploitation by dealers.

Each of these changes has tended to improve the existing status, to legitimize railway enterprise, and to safeguard capital or investment.

After the new centre was built, a society called the Societa per la difesa di Firenze antica was formed by many prominent citizens to safeguard the ancient buildings and prevent them from destruction, and a spirit of intelligent conservatism seems now to prevail in this connexion.

The Famine Commission of 1878 urged the importance of forest conservancy as a safeguard to agriculture, pointing out that a supply of wood for fuel was necessary if cattle manure was to be used to any extent for the fields, and also that forest growth served to retain the moisture in the subsoil.

James was driven by the outcry raised to abandon these monopolies, and an att of Parliament in 1624 placed the future grant of proteotions to new inventions under the safeguard of the judges.

The less any one man could do to interfere in the government, or even to safeguard his own life and property, the more heavily the common fate pressed upon all, levelling the ordinary distinctions of class.