Sentence Examples with the word sadistic

I don't want that moment immortalized, the only thing the world ever knows about me, that some sadistic man-whore with rabies bit me on the beach.

Lankha was a lifesaver, but she didn't intend to spend the rest of her years being torn apart by some sadistic vampire with a hard on.

She stood in the middle of the chamber, quaking and praying he wasn.t the sadistic bastard Sasha was.

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The visions in her head were dark and brutal, the memories of a man enslaved by the sadistic Black God for thousands of years.

She wasn't ready to admit he was a vampire, but his presence, the direct threat, and the fact he'd already hurt her cousin meant he was some sort of sadistic criminal.

Raised by a sadistic Other who beat her, the Magician Yully had used the magic of all of them to kill the creature that planned to use her to sever the boundary between mortal and immortal worlds before wiping out Watchers and humans.

It wasn't out of the realm of the possible that the information he needed was hidden in some sort of sadistic treasure hunt created by the sociopathic goddess who held the title of Death before him.

Victor continued with a sadistic chuckle, I am going to tell you where she is; first some ground rules.

Fear fluttered through her, and her gaze flew to Kris, whom she trusted little more than his sadistic brother.

A status check on their relationship, the one he hadn't told her he couldn't have, because he was trapped into mating with a formerly sadistic psychopath-turned-human he was trying hard not to kill.