Sentence Examples with the word saco

In depth, in which the Ammonoosuc and Saco rivers find a passage, and from the Carter-Moriah, parallel to it on the east, by the Glen-Ellis and Peabody rivers, the former noted for its beautiful falls.

Of which it is drained south-eastward into the Atlantic Ocean principally by the Merrimac in the S., the Saco and the headwaters of the Merrimac in the White Mountain region, and the Androscoggin in the N.

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Rodriguez, Apuntes gramaticales sobre el romance gallego de hi crnica Iroyana (La Corufla, 1898), and Saco Arce, Gramdtica gallega (Lugo, 1868); for other dialectical varieties, see I.

If a contemporary grammarian, Saco Area, is to be trusted, Gallego would form an absolute exception to the law of Spanish accentuation in the imperfect and pluperfect indicative: falabdmos, falabddes; batidmos, batiddes; pididmos, p-ididdes; and falardrnos, falarddes; baterdmos, baterddes; pidirdmos, pidirddes.