Sentence Examples with the word rural

Commerce, gave a powerful stimulus to rural industry, augmented agricultural capital and called forth a more skilful and enterprising race of farmers.

Cottage and village nursing are varieties of the same department; the former is organized on the benefit system, and aims at supplying domestic help and sick-nursing combined in rural districts for an annual subscription of from 2s.

But matters were clearly ripe for a wider application of the view that the peasant ought to stick to the soil, and the restoration of the Muscovite empire under the Romanovs brought with it the consolidation of all rural arrangements around this principle.

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Taaffe's bill, while keeping the curiae of the feudal proprietors and the chambers of commerce as they were, and making no change in the number of members, proposed to give the franchise in both towns and rural districts to every one who could read and write, and had resided six months in one place.

Baxton worked in a rural county where backup wasn't readily available so he'd approached the car alone.

Institutes, summer schools and rural libraries have been introduced.

An urban council and a rural council, if invested with the requisite power by the Local Government Board, may, and when required by order of that board must, provide for the proper cleansing of streets, and may also provide for the proper watering of streets.

The removal to London was proof that the leaders were alive to the necessity of grappling with the rapid growth of towns and cities, and that the Connexion, at first mainly a rural movement, had also urban work to accomplish.

The rural half could, in theory, farm, but they own no land; they probably work for wages at one of the large farms.

In rural areas, the ongoing marginalization of poor farmers has led them to depend increasingly upon subsistence agriculture.