Sentence Examples with the word run up

To I in., the coast being assumed to run up estuaries until the breadth became 1 m., and no bays or headlands of less than I m.

It is also important to select leafy growths, and not such as will at'once run up to flower.

At a mute sign from him, a telescope was handed him which he rested on the back of a happy page who had run up to him, and he gazed at the opposite bank.

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The general aspect of the town is picturesque; the streets are fairly spacious, though ill-kept and filthy; the houses are all of stone, many of them well-built and four or five storeys high, with terraced roofs and large projecting windows as in Jidda - a style of building which has not varied materially since the Toth century (Mukaddasi, p. 71), and gains in effect from the way in which the dwellings run up the sides and spurs of the mountains.

Now and then pairs of them would drop their work, and run up to the mast-head to get some fresh air.

They can run up to 35 mph and they have more stamina than a horse.

In English churches these stairs generally run up in a small turret in the wall at the west end of the chancel; often this also leads out on to the roof.

It presents a single pair of muscles attached along its inner wall which run up and form a muscular girdle round the body in its posterior third.

He refused to release her, instead pushing her into a painful run up the beach, over the sandbags, and out of immediate danger.

The seaward flanking ranges run up to 4000 ft.